Corp. Governance Structure
Corp. Governance Charter
Whistleblowing System

In order to improve transparency, accountability and fairness in the practice of good corporate governance, the company has been disseminating and applying the whistleblowing system that can accommodate any concerns, complaints and reports of internal and external parties. With this system is expected to be effective in encouraging community participation and employees to be more willing to act to prevent fraud and corruption with the report to the parties who can handle it.

With the whistleblowing system, are expected to create a conducive climate and encourage reporting of violations that could cause serious financial or non-financial that may damage the company image; reduce losses arising from violations through early detection and prevent possible problems due to an offense included can enhance the reputation of the company.

The company guarantees the secrecy of the identity and provide protection to the complainant. Reports can be submitted via email to internal.audit@charnic.com

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