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Founded in the year 2007, PT Charnic Capital Tbk. is an Investment Holdings company which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Company focuses on maximizing its investment return over the time by investing in a potential businesses and other investments in Indonesia.

Our portfolio of investments consist of prime properties which generate a steady stream of cash flow, as well as investment in listed and non listed companies in Indonesia.

Our Vision:
To create value by investing wisely.

Our Mission:
To gain confidence and trust from our investors by generating superior investment returns.

The meaning of our Logo:

The square shapes represent strength, efficiency, professionalism, and practicality. The color of Blue is a sign of stability and reliability.

How We Create Value:

We invest in assets, work to make them better and seek to sell them for a profit. We have learned that some of the best opportunities are found in sectors or regions where capital is scarce. Our investment focus is to identify and acquire high quality assets at favorable valuations.

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